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Book a lucky, traditional chimney sweep for your wedding to bring good fortune

Legend has it that a chimney sweep at your wedding brings good luck, going back to pagan times when it was a sign of fertility. 

The tradition was given extra credence more than 200 years ago when a London sweep saved the life of King George III after he courageously brought to a halt a team of out-of-control horses galloping away with the royal carriage.

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The sweep was called to King George's daughters wedding and he made a royal decree all chimney sweeps were the bearers of good fortune and should therefore always be treated with respect.

Your Chim Chimney sweep will get your marriage of to a good start by shaking hands with the groom and giving the bride a lucky kiss.

It is regarded as a prestigious sign when a sweep attends a wedding, so much so Prince Philip left Kensington Palace on the morning of his wedding to Princess Elizabeth so he could clasp hands with a passing sweep.

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